New Company Slogan for Sydney's Hills M2 Motorway

John Avis by | November 16, 2010 | Sydney Roads

It appears that Sydney's Hills M2 Motorway have come up with a new company slogan and are now advertising it at most entrances to, and junctions on the motorway.

Expect Delays

"Expect Delays" is proudly displayed on electronic sign boards and is a natural choice of company slogan given that this is what many of their customers have been using when describing the motorway for some time now.

On the subject of the motorway, the resurfacing of the road seems to have come to a grinding halt. Whilst workers were quick to remove the top layer, and there was some resurfacing done initially, but now there seems to be no action at all in completing the job. This is causing the small pieces of bitumen that do remain to start disintegrating causing some large and uncomfortable bumps. The East-bound section just after the tolling area is undoubtedly the worst and probably bad enough to be causing damage to vehicles.

Perhaps another toll increase is required to finish the resurfacing?

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