Who thought up this intersection in North Ryde

John Avis by | January 18, 2011 | Sydney Roads

You really have to wonder what the road designers were thinking when they made the recent changes to the roads around the new North Ryde train station.

Looking at the attached image, let's start at point A and B.

Cars at point B have a traffic light in front of them. Cars at point A have just gone through a set of traffic lights and have no traffic lights at the intersection in front of them. Unfortunately the road designers didn't think that traffic ahead of the cars at point A would ever be bad enough that these cars may not get through the intersection in front of them when the lights behind them turn red. Unfortunately in the real world the traffic is this bad almost every day around peak hours.

The result is that cars at point A regularly drive right through the intersection in front of them in spite of the fact that cars at point B have a green light and want to go through the intersection too. Pretty silly, really. How about another set of traffic lights?

Moving to point C, the designers decided to make two lanes merge into one at this point. As there is plenty of traffic trying to join this road just before this point, it makes it very difficult for them as the other traffic comes to a halt to merge.

Point D is a new bus lane and bus stop that, from what I have seen, is very rarely used. I travel this way twice a day, 5 days a week and I can count on one hand how many times I have ever seen a bus use the lane. At around the same point, they also put in an extremely long right turn lane. Like the bus lane, this lane is rarely used. From what I have witnessed, there is never more than one or two cars using this lane, if any at all.

Couldn't these two lanes have been put to better use by extending the lane at point C or by extending the right turn lane into the M2 at point E which is another point which causes delay to traffic?

All these poorly designed lanes and intersections might have been forgiven if they were decades old, but these were all upgraded and redesigned in the last year or so! Unforgivable!

North Ryde poorly designed lanes and intersections

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