Road Rule Confusion

January 20, 2011 · 0 comments

After reading the road rules around driving over painted islands in the most recent version of the road users handbook, I am a little unsure of exactly when you are allowed to drive over them.

On page 105 the section on painted islands says, "You may drive on a painted island surrounded by single continuous or broken lines to enter or leave the road, or to enter a turning lane that begins immediately after the painted island for up to 50 metres".

It also states, "You must not drive on areas surrounded by double lines."

Page 105

Now this sounds pretty clear, until you read page 125, which in the section on S lanes states, "S lanes make a right turn lane at intersections by merging the kerb-side lane and making the other lanes follow an S shape. A single unbroken (continuous) white line separates the S shaped lanes. You must not cross this line."

Page 125

Maybe this is obvious, but to me there is some ambiguity between these two sections.
Road Rules

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