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John Avis by | January 28, 2012 | Used Cars

It is amazing the difference between the different insurance companies when it comes to fully comprehensive car insurance.

Here's the quotes I received online when looking for insurance for our new car (a 15 year old 4-cylinder automatic BMW sedan).

AAMI: $776.95 with $625 excess.
Allianz: $680.36 with $600 excess.
Bingle: $839.92 with $550 excess.
Budget Direct: $876 with $600 excess.
GIO: $1,102.75 with $600 excess.
NRMA: $1,017.30 with $800 excess.
The Buzz: $792.39 with unknown excess.

I didn't bother getting quotes from any company that wanted my name, address and telephone number.

The Buzz should be commended for their very quick quote system, that just requires the minimum of information for you to get a price.

Allianz have free roadside assistance which saves us over $100 so combined with them being the cheapest insurer, makes them by far the best choice for us.

Obviously different drivers, cars, and address could mean that your quotes will be very different, but this shows you the importance of shopping around. It does take quite a bit of time to fill out all the quote forms online but could be well worth it.

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