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Used Cars

Can you make money from parting out your car

January 12, 2013

For a long time I have wanted to buy a wrecked car and sell off the parts. Time, lack of space, and fear of the unknown have prevented me from giving it a go... Until now.

Used Cars

NSW car insurance quotes

January 28, 2012

Used Cars

More cheap used car purchase advice

November 24, 2011

Used Cars

Trials of buying a real cheap used car

October 10, 2011

Used Cars New Cars

Recent BMW spare parts prices increase

July 25, 2010

Used Cars

Interesting used car search website

July 20, 2010

Used Cars

Australia's top 2 used car websites

January 27, 2010

Used Cars

Pre-purchase Checks

September 10, 2007

Used Cars

Internet Used Car Buying: Easier and Cheaper

August 28, 2007

Used Cars

Used Car Inspection

August 21, 2007

There has been several used cars that I have bought where I have later found problems that I should have found before I handed over the money.

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