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Used Cars

How to find out the selling dealer on a advertisement

by John Avis | July 31, 2018

Don't you find it annoying when you are looking at a car for sale on and you don't know where the selling dealer is?

Used Cars

Can you make money from parting out your car?

by John Avis | January 12, 2013

For a long time I have wanted to buy a wrecked car and sell off the parts. Time, lack of space, and fear of the unknown have prevented me from giving it a go... Until now.

Used Cars

NSW car insurance quotes

by John Avis | January 28, 2012

Used Cars

More cheap used car purchase advice

by John Avis | November 24, 2011

Used Cars

Trials of buying a real cheap used car

by John Avis | October 10, 2011

Used Cars New Cars

Recent BMW spare parts prices increase

by John Avis | July 25, 2010

Used Cars

Interesting used car search website

by John Avis | July 20, 2010

Used Cars

Australia's top 2 used car websites

by John Avis | January 27, 2010

Used Cars

Pre-purchase Checks

by John Avis | September 10, 2007

Used Cars

Internet Used Car Buying: Easier and Cheaper

by John Avis | August 28, 2007

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